Serving the Printing Industry for more than 100 years

The INX International Ink Co. name has existed since 1992, but our overall company track record is now in its third Century — dating from 1896.

1896 Founded in Osaka under the name Sakata Ink Seizousho
1909 Acme Printing Ink Company founded in Chicago
1910 Roberts & Porter, Inc. founded in Chicago
1916 Sakata Tokyo office established
1948 Sakata’s Export Import Division established
1959 Sakata Osaka plant started
1960 Sakata’s first overseas office setup in the Philippines
1960 Acme Printing Ink Company reformulated as a Delaware Corporation
1969 Sakata Tokyo plant started
1978 Acme acquires 50% share in Gibbon Inks – renamed Acme Inks Ireland
1979 Sakata’s Joint Venture plant started in Taiwan
1980 Graphic Arts Laboratory established in Tokyo
1984 Sakata’s Funabashi plant started
1985 Roberts & Porter acquires Braznell Company
1986 Sakata INX and Acme sign Technology License Agreement
1986 Roberts & Porter changes name to Midland Color Company
1987 Sakata’s Joint Venture plant in Spain established
1897 Midland Color Company acquires Unigraphics
1987 Name changed to Sakata INX Corp.
1987 Midland Color Company acquires Seaboard Printing Ink
1988 Midland Color Company acquires Spectrum Ink
1988 INX Group Ltd. established
1988 Sakata INX acquires Acme Printing Ink Company
1989 Sakata’s Joint Venture plant in Indonesia established
1989 Midland acquires Roberts & Carlson and Ink Technology
1989 Sakata INX acquires Midland Color Co. & CPS Corp.
1989 Sakata INX acquires Knight Colors & Chemicals
1992 INX International Ink Co. formed -merger of Midland Color and Acme
1992 INX West Chicago plant opened
1992 Established INX United Kingdom
1992 Established CDI Sakata INX Corp. Philippines
1993 Established Sakata INX Malaysia
1993 INX Edwardsville, Kansas plant started
1994 Sakata Hanyu plant started
1995 INX Santa Fe Springs Red Label plant established
1995 INX Acquisition of Marathon Ink
1995 Established Sakata Inx (India) Limited) in India.
1996 INX Appleton Liquid Ink manufacturing plant expanded
1996 INX R&D State-of-the-Art facility built
1998 CPS plant expanded
1999 INX implements ERP/SAP information system
1999 Sakata INX forms strategic alliance with Toyo Ink Mfg.
2000 INX reengineering effort organizes the company by division
2000 Sakata INX and Toyo merge logistic companies to form a joint venture in Japan
2000 Sakata INX and Toyo agree to a capital alliance — equal ownership in each other
2002 Sakata INX Shanghai established
2002 Established Eternal Sakata INX Co. Ltd.
2002 ISO 14001 Certification at Funabashi Plant
2003 Sakata INX Vietnam Co. established
2003 INX Ireland Restructured entity INX Metal Deco Ireland
2004 Maoming Sakata INX Co. Ltd. established
2004 INX International France S.A.S. formed by acquisition of Holliday Encres
2004 Established INX Europe Limited
2004 INX opens world’s largest 2-piece metal decorating ink plant in Charlotte, NC
2005 INX acquires assets of Triangle Digital, LLC forms Triangle Digital INX Co.
2007 INX acquires assets of Innovative Solutions Inc., forms Innovative Solutions INX
2008 Triangle Digital INX Co. acquires Megaink Digital of Czech Republic and Anteprima SRL of Italy
2008 INX Homewood Liquid Ink manufacturing plant opened
2009 Innovative Solutions INX merged into INX International
2009 Triangle Digital INX Co. Changes Name to INX Digital International Co.
2010 INX forms INX International De Mexico
2013 INX Digital International Co. is merged into INX International

INX International links to the Sakata INX global network in areas such as raw material purchases, manufacturing, logistics and collaborative R&D — continually enhancing our products, systems and services.

Revised 03122013