Can Contest Winners

Designed by you. Colored by INX.

We were so impressed by all the great designs entered in the 2020 first-ever Colored by INX Can Design Contest. And, everyone had a fun time who participated in the effort!

The Colored by INX Can Contest 2021 looks to be even more fun and we're very excited to receive entries starting January 12.

Was your can design Colored by INX in 2020? Then, let's show it off and give you the recognition you deserve!

2021 Can Design Contest

2020 Can Contest

The effort in creating an outstanding brand design deserves a lot of recognition and we at INX are proud to be part of the process!!

Representing 74 percent of the 1,076 votes cast, the winner by a wide margin was the can design by Esveydi Rossano, for the Indio Beer’s Pueblos de México Unido Edición Muertos, produced by Crown Brand Packaging – Mexico.

INDIO’s promotional label required bright saturated colors to create a contrast that emulated the importance of this celebration by all Mexicans. Using the INX Color Catalog, they were able to compare and select different color samples visualizing combinations increasing the speed in the design process from the start.

Winner Indio Can

The INDIO Beer Pueblos de México Unido Edición Muertos designed by Esveydi Rossano and submitted by Crown Brand Building Packaging of Mexico

The finalist designs were outstanding too

Other impressive entries were:

 Aha Sparkling water , submitted by Allen Lineberry of Coca-Cola;  Lawnmower Beer  brand design submitted by Jeremy Johnson for Saint Arnold Brewing Co.;  Shaker Cucumber Mint Mojito  submitted by Michael Adams of Art & Mechanical for Moosehead;  Le Roséy  submitted by Raul Rodrigues for Caribbean Can Manufacturing;  Hipsterville IPA  submitted by Douglas Fini for Boojum Bros. Inc;  Lost Marbles IPA  submitted by Cory Lippet for Jackie O's Brewery;  Coors Light Raptors  (Limited Edition) submitted by Brandon Quinn of Molson Coors Beverage Co.

The winning contestant was awarded:

Color Perfection Can Contest Award

  • An engraved trophy with the designed can mounted inside
  • A certificate of award endorsed by INX International Ink Co.
  • A feature in INX Color Perfection magazine
  • Press coverage in industry magazines
  • Bragging rights and exposure at industry events

2020 Contest information:

The Colored by INX Can Design Contest kicked off February 25 and the deadline for can submissions was March 31.

Of the entrants, the INX Color Perfection team chose five finalist designers and brand owners who we felt would make can history using the INX Color Catalog colors.

Voting for the best can design began April 6 and ran through April 13, 2020 on facebook.

What our customers are saying

  • Winning the INX award it’s a little sample of the high printing quality we've been doing in México, it’s the result of the joint efforts of many people during many years, INX supplier included when they offer new tools to work with, like the INX´s Catalog.

    —Oscar Ocampo
  • The use of the catalog helps to make customers aware of the tones that can be given with an adequate application of ink, which makes our printing processes efficient.

    —Jesus Mariscal
  • I'm so proud of all the people on production, in the offices, our suppliers in Crown Mexico; behind of all the cans there passion for our job. Im so lucky to belong to this team. Thank you INK for help us with the catalog to do our job more efficient.

    —Esveydi Rossano