Designed by you. Colored by INX.

We’re excited to celebrate and promote the best-of-the-best in beverage can design. Your effort in creating an outstanding brand design deserves a lot of recognition and we at INX are proud to be part of the process.

We're excited to announce the Winner of the Colored by INX Can Design Contest is TropiCoastal Tropical IPA!!


The 2022 winning design by Jameson Campbell, Creative Supervisor and submitted by the Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Great Lakes Brewing Company marketing team in Cleveland have successfully defended their title and won the third annual Colored by INX Can Design Contest. Their entry for TropiCoastal® Tropical IPA follows on the heels of last year’s victory with their design for another craft beer, Crushworthy®  Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat.

Jameson Campbell used the INX Color catalog to bring the winning can to market. Read what Jameson has to say about the benefits of working with the INX Color Catalog and Color Perfection System:


The INX Color Catalog continues to be instrumental in serving the beautiful illustrations and designs on each of our cans and appealing to customers with exciting visual appeal on the shelfs.
— Jameson Campbell

photo: Jameson Campbell, Creative Manager and Marissa DeSantis, Brand Marketing Manager, Great Lakes Brewing Company

The finalist designs were outstanding too!


  • 4 Giants and The Haze of Destiny by Founders Brewing Co.
  • Juice Pack by TUPPS Brewery
  • Saint Arnold Harmony by Saint Arnold Brewing Company
  • MadJack Cherry Berry by Molson Coors


Other impressive entries were:

Scooter Blood Orange Radler, submitted by Mollie Neff for Braxton Brewing Company; Abita Crafted Cocktails - Tiki Rum Punch, submitted by Heidi Guerra for Abita Brewing Company; Sippin Tropical Sour, submitted by Reagan Reynolds for Odell Brewing Co.; Tomorrow's Clear West Coast IPA, submitted by Harvey Shepard for Blindtiger Design; Amper Beat, submitted by Oscar Ocampo for Crown Cork Mexico; Sing to the Sun, submitted by Corey Lippett for Jacki O's Brewery; Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer Strawberry Orange submitted by Patrick Potillo for Oberding Brand Family.


Meet the Finalists of the 2022 Colored by INX Can Design Contest


What Our Contest Participants Are Saying
  • Winning the INX award it’s a little sample of the high printing quality we've been doing in México, it’s the result of the joint efforts of many people during many years, INX supplier included when they offer new tools to work with, like the INX´s Catalog.

    —Oscar Ocampo
  • The use of the catalog helps to make customers aware of the tones that can be given with an adequate application of ink, which makes our printing processes efficient.

    —Jesus Mariscal
  • I'm so proud of all the people on production, in the offices, our suppliers in Crown Mexico; behind of all the cans there passion for our job. Im so lucky to belong to this team. Thank you INK for help us with the catalog to do our job more efficient.

    —Esveydi Rossano