INX Digital offers common replacement parts (at a significant savings over the OEM) for many of the printers that it manufactures ink for. These parts are the same parts that are sourced by the manufacturers themselves, refurbished, or are resourced to solve known problems.

Bulk Ink System & Replacement Parts

Eco Bulk is our new ink delivery system for wide format inks that takes a more sustainable approach compared to plastic cartridges while maintaining ease of use. With a unique design, it is comprised of one box instead of ve, 440ml cartridges and houses the ink within a foil bag. Once emptied, the bag is disposed of and replaced. The foil bag can contain up to two liters of ink, double the current industry standard of one liter packaging which results in less waste. Additionally, a test program showed that more volume allows for greater consistency of the product being delivered through the network. Contact your sales representative to see if Eco Bulk fits your workflow!


INX Digital is employing a new, patent-pending cleaning technology, ooffering an effective solution for solvent and UV curable print heads with obstructed nozzles and restricted ow. This advance in print head cleaning, available for virtually all print head types, translates to major savings for digital print operations. This service is designed for industrial print heads such as: Xaar® 1001™ and 1002™, Konica Minolta® 512 and 1028, Dimatix® (formally Spectra®) and QS print heads. This service is not suitable for disposable-type print heads such as Xaar® 128/126™ and Epson®. For more information on our print head cleaning services please email: printheadcleaning​

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