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Did you use the INX Color Catalog in the production of a can currently on the market?

Visit the Contest page or visit the checklist page for details about how to submit your entry.

Submit/upload a high-res design production proof or press proof PDF of your art. Only press or production proofs with a minimum of one INX Color Catalog colors will be accepted. The can must have been on the market before 1/1/24.

For questions regarding the form requirements below, please review the contest information page or contact us at 630-382-1961.


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A minimum of one color is required.

Story of Your Can

The information in this section will be reviewed by the judges. The information provided in this section may be used in the promotion of your product on our website, social media posts, and in industry news and publications. Review the checklist for suggestions.

Please list their names and their roles in the design and production process

Artwork and File Submission

To enter the contest, we require proof of INX Color Catalog colors being used in the design. The artwork file submitted should be a production proof or the metal decorator’s template or your company’s template showing the color separations for colors used in the design. If you do NOT have the color separations, we can work with you to obtain them from your metal decorator or we can discuss your design with you to get this information.

Upload a hi-resolution PDF in which INX Color Library colors are detectable.
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The artwork submitted is for the design of a product that was on the market in 2023 or earlier. Note: If product was marketed in 2024, you will need to submit your design in next year’s contest.
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