Colored by INX Can Design Contest Winners

The Colored by INX Can Design Contest celebrates the creativity of the amazing teams that bring cans to life. Our contest is open to any customer utilizing the INX Color Catalog in the design process.

Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation (left to right):Troy Ostendorf, Levi Boss, David Lewis, Chris Carreras


Ball Corporation

Bakery Agency: Kaleb Sindac


2023 Winner - Shiner TEXHEX

2023 Winner

Shiner Texhex Bruja's Brew IPA – submitted by Levi Boss, Ball Corporation’s Graphics Center of Excellence Director. 

The design team includes: Nick Weiland, Brand Director at Shiner Beer, and a trio of people connected to the Bakery Agency in Austin, Texas, Shiner’s creative shop: Design Lead, Kaleb Sindac; Associate Creative Director, Kerrie Heckel; and independent Illustrator and Art Director, Evaristo Angurria of Angurria Design Co.

Press Release: Shiner Beer and Ball Corporation capture Colored by INX Can Design Contest title

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2022 Winner - Tropi-coastal IPA

2022 Winner

TropiCoastal® Tropical IPA – Jameson Campbell, Creative Supervisor, the Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Great Lakes Brewing Company marketing team in Cleveland successfully defended their title and won the 2022 Colored by INX Can Design Contest with their entry for TropiCoastal® Tropical IPA.

Press Release: Great Lakes Brewing Company wins consecutive INX Can Design Contest titles

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2021 Winner - Crushworthy

2021 Winner

Crushworthy – Jameson Campbell, Creative Supervisor, the Great Lakes Brewing Co.

The 2021 winner is Jameson Campbell with his can Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat. Jameson used artwork that featured a tattoo-style illustration of a juicy citrus heart framed by yellow accents. The design is a fun and hip twist on citrus.

Press Release: Great Lakes Brewing Company Celebrates INX Can Design Contest


2020 Winner Indio  - Crown Brand Packaging – Mexico

2020 Winner

Indio – Crown Brand Packaging, Mexico

The 2020 winner was Crown Brand Packaging, Mexico, for the Indio “Barrio de los Muertos,” beer, brewed by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V. in Monterrey, Mexico. Indio’s unique and festive design, complete with skulls and skeletons, was created by Esveydi Rossano.

Press Release: Crown Brand-Building Packaging of Mexico celebrates with INX Can Design Contest trophy

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