JetINX Inkjet Printing Subsystems

The JetINX™ Family of Inkjet Printing Subsystems allows integrators to quickly develop complete inkjet printing systems. JetINX components provide a cost effective and powerful option to integrators deploying industrial and specialty inkjet printing systems. The system includes either end-shooter or recirculating ink modules which provide precise control of ink temperatures and pressures, and can be fine-tuned for use with a wide range of inks. The ink systems are modular and scalable to support printers large or small. . The ink systems are delivered with the cables, tubing, software and components needed to allow the integrator to begin printing quickly and with minimal engineering.

Ink System Features:

  • Precise control of ink temperature, pressure and flow rates 
  • Standby “hold” feature for no loss of ink during startup and shutdown
  • Each ink module can support  printhead arrays of up to 12 heads (depending upon printhead)
  • JetINX Power and Data System is provides power and connectivity to an entire printer, including all ink systems and printhead drive systems.
  • Ink control and printing software runs on a standard Windows based PC

Printing System Features:

  • Support for printheads from Epson, Xaar, Ricoh, Toshiba Tec and more
  • Single pass, multipass, helical and other specialized print modes for flat or direct to shape printing 
  • Optional components to allow quick integration with any printing platform with minimal engineering
  • Expert level engineering and ink technologies to bring your printer to market quickly and on-time


JetINX Ink Recirculation System (RS4)
Epson S3200 Printhead Bar
Epson S3200 Printhead Drive
XAAR Nitrox