Pad Printing Inks for a Variety of Applications

pad printing

Through the acquisition of long-established German company RUCO Druckfarben, INX International offers high-performance pad printing inks for a variety of applications and sectors Available in solvent-based and UV formulas our pad printing inks are designed to work effectively on medical, cosmetic, automotive, promotional, apparel, and electronic objects, as well as appliances, sports equipment and toys.

What is Pad Printing used for?

Pad printing is an indirect offset printing process in which a soft silicone pad is used to transfer a two-dimensional image to the surface of a three-dimensional object. This unique printing method allows detailed images to be printed on shaped objects that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to decorate. Suitable for a wide range of sectors, applications and substrates, pad printing is a versatile process that ensures first-class results for decoration, marking, and identification.

Pad Printing Ink Solutions


Our solvent-based pad printing inks are specially formulated for the demands of the pad printing process with transferability, opacity, adhesion, flexibility and high wear resistance.

RUCO T200 Solvent-based Pad Printing Ink for automotive sector, cosmetic industry, electrical / household appliances, promotional items

RUCO T120 Solvent-based Pad Printing Ink for bottle caps and syringes

RUCO T35 Solvent-based Pad Printing Ink for toys

RUCO T01 Solvent based Pad printing Ink for electrical and household appliances

RUCO T25 Solvent-based Pad Printing Ink for untreated polypropylene (automotive sector)

RUCO T28 Solvent-based Pad Printing Ink for cosmetic packaging including  glass, ceramic and metal decoration

RUCO T38 Solvent-based Pad printing ink for the automotive sector including plastic and metal decorating


Our UV curable pad printing inks are formulated to provide excellent durability and chemical, mechanical, solvent and water resistance properties as both the direct print and top-coat applications.

RUCO T90 UV Curable Pad Printing Ink for furniture industry