INX Dispenser Program

Dispensers for Every Type of Ink and Need


For spot color convenience and speed, INX offers its customers a variety of ink dispensers. For conventional offset litho and UV offset ink, we carry the GFI AccuBlend-HV™ dispenser. For flexo inks, our offerings include the N20, N30, N40 and N50 Series from Novaflow, and from HMJ tech, the HMJ-200 for small batch production.

accublend HV

AccuBlend-HV™ from GFI

Dispenses just-in-time color, in just the right amount, just steps away from your press.

AccuBlend-HV models produce spot colors for conventional off set, UV offset, dry off set, metal decorating and other highly viscous paste type inks. A hybrid model is also available for UV flexo spot color needs.

With an AccuBlend™ dispenser on your floor, you’ll never have to wait for spot color deliveries. You’ll never have to delay jobs waiting for ink. Because with an AccuBlend dispenser, you can make the exact spot color you need any hour of the day, any day of the year.

  • No waiting for deliveries – you make the ink you need, right when you need it
  • No more over-ordering – make just what you need to finish the run
  • Get exact color matching to +/- 0.001 (.5 gram) per pound
  • Unique software lets you turn old inventory into new spot colors
  • Accommodate last minute changes on the spot
  • Easy to use – if you can use a smart phone, you can use AccuBlend


HMJ tech’s A200 is the most affordable, industrial-grade dispenser available, but don’t be fooled. Despite its compact size and affordable price tag, the A200 has a ton of big-machine features including fully-automated cleaning and single point dispense.

It arrives fully assembled and configured on a single crate. Simply connect the utilities, add your source containers, load your recipe book and start dispensing batches.

The on-board inventory system conveniently arranges 12 pails, plus it can accommodate two drums or totes behind the frame for high-use ingredients. The HMJ-A200 uses a 2-range+pulse valve for a perfect combination of speed and precision with clean, laminar flow and predictable dispenses every time! The touch screen interface is easy to navigate and comes complete with the industry’s best features for easy dispensing, recipe book management, inventory management and reporting.

  • Ideal for tag and label and envelope printing
  • Cost effective, full-featured solution for small to medium batches
  • Quick adjust scale base and integrated single point dispensing to accommodate multiple dispense containers from 8 oz sample jars, to 1 gallon jugs up to 5 gallon pails
  • Dispense time: 1 gallon jug, 4 ingredients in 90 seconds!
  • Configurable up to 14 base ingredients from kits, and optionally as many as two (2) drums
  • Industrial touch screen & solid-state controller with full HMJ tech dispense software
  • Industrial real-time pneumatic controls require no flow trials, and no valve adjustments

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NovaFlow N40


Designed for solvent laden, Class 1 Div 1 explosive environments and uses a two stage dispense valve, allowing the user to choose accuracy or speed of dispense. Multiple batch sizes between 5 and 55 gallons can be handled with standard scales:. Larger batch containers can be accommodated on a custom basis. Raw materials can be pumped from buckets, drums or bulk containers

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Uses a two stage dispense valve, allowing the user to choose accuracy or speed of dispense. Multiple batch sizes can be handled: 1, 5, and 55 gallon, with the standard scales . One gallon batched can be produced with the automatic scale indexing option. Raw materials can be pumped from buckets, drums or bulk containers.

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