Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Resources

INX International offers a library of literature, case studies, and videos of information about our approach to sustainable print and packaging; and demonstrates advantages of using our eco-friendly ink products. The sustainability resources include trending ideas, terms, techniques, and methods to help print brand owners and package converters become more sustainable and socially responsible companies—effectively contributing to a circular economy.

Sustainability Report

2023 Sustainability Report – INX’s commitment to sustainability has led to new products and improved processes and services that help our customers meet their environmental goals.

Sustainability Brochure

Better Together; Creating a Safe and Sustainable Future – Our approach to sustainable print and packaging that promotes a circular economy and supports the United nations SDGs.

Creating a Safe and Sustainable Future – The CSSF model serves to guide us to improve our sustainability performance and address the needs of brand owners, customers, and consumers.

INXhrc brochure

INXhrc® Natural-Based Inks brochure – INXhrc® high-performance inks are formulated to replace petrochemically derived ingredients with clean, renewable, and sustainable ingredients.

DART Case Study INXhrc

INXhrc™ Natural-based Inks Case Study  – Dart Container achieves measurable carbon and VOC emissions reduction.

Dart Container Case Study video – Hear from Dart Container about their sustainability efforts and how using INXhrc™ helps reduce their carbon footprint.

HRC Natural-based Inks video – INXhrc™ eco-friendly inks made from clean, renewable ingredients reduce regulatory risk and carbon emissions with better on-press performance.

INXhrc™ – Lower Your Emissions video – INXhrc natural-based inks provide a path to measurable, reportable CO2 savings and a 25 to 30 percent lower CO2 footprint than standard aqueous inks.

INX International Sustainability video – INX International is a company that values it customers, employees, and the environment. We are doing our part to nurture the development of circular systems in the printing and packaging markets.

Sustainable Development Goals Brochure

Sustainable Development Goals Alignment – INX has identified and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with our three main areas of impact: Process Design, Product Design, and Social Responsibility.

Composting vs Biogradability Whitepaper

The Environmental Impact of Ink whitepaper – The compostability and biodegradability of inks and coatings play an essential role in the sustainability of packaging.

Webinar: Packaging for a Circular Economy – Insights into sustainable packaging innovation and how pack leaders are engaging and investing in the future of the circular economy.