Color Management

For fast turnaround on color, and lower applied finished costs.

INX International Company Overview

Color plays a critical role in purchasing decisions and color management can be a complex process. Brand owners want attention-grabbing packaging with accurate, consistent color. Designers want fast, accurate color selection and assurance that what they envision is what they get on the printed piece. Printers and package converters want a cost-effective approach to color management, fast turnaround on color, and lower applied finished costs.

As a leading ink and coating supplier, INX International is a Color Perfectionist, dedicated to helping brand owners, graphic designers and printers deliver brand colors accurately and consistently all across the globe. Our goal is to provide the guidance and resources needed to improve efficiencies in the color management process.


color management standards

Color Standards – INX International can help standardize your brand colors, achieve color communication and manage your brand colors. See what we’ve done for the metal decorating market with the first ever true color standard printed directly on metal.

Color Perfection System

Color Perfection – Color Perfection is a color management system of proven methods for creating and managing accurate, reproducible, and consistent color throughout a global network. The features in the Color Perfection system include the INX Metal Color Catalog and the related digital library, advanced digital proofing, best-in-class inks, and key educational tools to help you streamline and standardize your can design process.

Color Certifications – As an IDEAlliance partner, we have certified G7experts on staff. INX has the knowledge and technical resources to help our print partners achieve G7 Master Printer Certification.

Color Profiling – Our Color Perfectionists provide assistance with ICC profile generation and color support.

Support INX University

Color Education  – Available on-site or self-paced online, INX University provides a full color management training program.

tech support

Color Support – INX Color Perfectionists can assist with color training, a color audit, an ink dispenser consultation, a process calibration or more.

ink dispenser

Ink Dispensing – For spot color convenience, speed and cost reductions, INX offers its customers a variety of ink dispensers.

digital proofing

Digital Proofing – For direct-to-object proofing on cylindrical objects INX offers the CP800 digital proofing system.