INX International’s lithographic ink portfolio includes high-performance sheetfed, heatset, and energy curable inks and coatings including UV, EB, and LED for a wide range of print applications. The performance and value of our lithographic products is complemented by unmatched systems and technical support enabling our customers to succeed.

3-Piece UV and Thermal Cure Metal Decorating Inks

These inks are everything today’s marketers want in metal packaging: eye-catching looks from high strength, abrasion-resistant inks that offer excellent adhesion and superior fabrication properties. Performance-proven TP series inks are formulated for a full range of specialized package needs in both conventional and UV technologies.

EcoPure® HPJ Sheetfed Offset Soy Inks

ECOPure HPJ SOY inks are premium quality, environmentally-friendly quickset inks formulated with high percentages of soy and other vegetable oils. This system contains a drier package that is cobalt-free and qualifies for the ASA Soy Seal.

XPro™ Open Sheetfed Offset Inks

XPro Open is an economical 4/c process system designed for the commercial printing market. It will produce good results on all sheetfed presses on a wide variety of substrates. Ink waste due to skinning in the fountain is reduced as they are formulated to stay skin free three days. XPro Open complies with ISO 2846-1 for shade and is suitable for the GRACoL G7 certification process.

E-Tech S and S2

E-Tech S and S2 are premium quality, low VOC quickset inks for the sheetfed market. S2 is a stay-open version that will not skin in the fountain for 24 hours. Formulated with environmentally friendly raw materials that average 70 percent bio-renewable content and qualifies for the ASA Soy Seal. Ink waste due to skinning in the can and fountain is eliminated as they are formulated to stay open. This product is Nestle Compliant, Swiss compliant (Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21), and does not contain reportable levels of Proposition 65 substances. E-Tech S complies with ISO 2846-1 for shade and is suitable for the GRACoL G7 certification process.

Fusion™ UV Hybrid

Unsurpassed in the marketplace, INX Fusion UV Hybrid inks offer an improved cure response, expanded water window and enhanced transfer over other hybrid systems. They run well with, or without, inline UV or aqueous coatings. Gloss back is minimal when UV coated. Fusion may be run on conventional presses using approved roller company rollers. Unlike other hybrid inks, Fusion special vehicle formulation eliminates the need for roller conditioning and special press configurations. Fusion inks qualify for the soy ink seal.

EcoTech™ Heatset Inks

EcoTech heatset inks are formulated from sustainable, non-petroleum based, bio-renewable ingredients with significantly lower levels of of VOCs than conventional heatset inks. They provide excellent dot reproduction and are compatible with a wide range of fountain solutions. They also resist emulsification and misting at higher press speeds. The NAPIM BRC Label System has certified EcoTech to carry a BRC 50 rating, the highest rating for heatset inks. EcoTech has also earned the ASA Soy Seal.

ColorTrac™ Web Offset Heatset Inks

ColorTrac Web Offset H/S news inks have been formulated for the heatset news and advertising insert market using a state-of-the-art high molecular weight resin system which delivers superior press performance in every aspect of the lithographic printing process. They provide superior print quality, productivity, reduced waste, and excellent compatibility with a wide range of fountain solutions. Rub resistance and drying properties are excellent, even at the highest press speeds. All standard ColorTrac ink systems are formulated to meet ISO 2846-1 standards for shade and hue and have been proven to meet G-7 print requirements and certification. The ColorTrac system is available in several different tack ranges for use on many different types of paper and end use print requirements.

FormsPro™ Web Offset Forms Ink

FormsPro is a soy-based forms ink system formulated with excellent strength, stability, ink/water balance control, and ink transfer that is superior to all other conventional and soy forms systems in the market. The PANTONE® strength base colors offer bright colors with excellent printability and mileage – complete with stay open properties that eliminates skinning skin since there are no driers used in these inks.

UL VOC Pantone Bases

UL VOC Pantone Bases are high performance, low VOC, blending bases for the folding carton market. They are carefully formulated from vegetable oils and other bio-renewable resources. The system averages 65 percent by weight from these carefully selected environmentally friendly raw materials; and are formulated for the sheetfed folding carton market for indirect food contact containers where migration is a concern. These Pantone bases are Nestle Compliant, Swiss compliant (Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21), and do not contain reportable levels of Proposition 65 substances. UL VOC Pantone Bases comply with ISO 2846-1 for shade and are suitable for the GRACoL G7 certification process. They will print on a wide range of coated substrates, but are not suitable for uncoated, synthetic, or non-porous substrates. 

Low Migration Packaging Inks and Coatings

All facets of our business, e.g. research and development, product stewardship, and quality, work together to ensure that our sensitive application packaging inks are of the highest quality are safe for use as intended when applied. Our low migration inks and coatings are designed to meet global food packaging requirements.

Special Effects Inks and Coatings

Brand-differentiating special effects made possible with INX inks and coatings yield finishing characteristics that appeal to the senses and enhance shelf appeal. Applications like cold foil adhesives, cast & cure, textured coatings, soft touch, pearlescent, high contrast gloss, and metallic are all possible with INX technologies. Our special effects technologies include: freshness indicators, photochromic sunlight inks, high-velocity thermochromatic ink, thermo ink for tabs, crowns and closures, and reveal inks. Request a Special Effects brochure.

INXKote® Water and ProCure™ Energy Curable Coatings

INX inks and coatings are designed to work hand-in-glove with each other right from the start by product development specialists who know printer and package converter operations firsthand. The result is better performance on-press with inks and coatings; both in-line and off-line. INX International is proud to be the only ink company to manufacturer its own coatings. Our INXKote and ProCure product line includes aqueous, UV, EB and specialty coatings as well as overprint varnishes all manufactured in our state-of-art Homewood, Illinois and Edwardsville, Kansas facilities.