Corporate Venture Capital Program

Corporate Venture Capital Program

At INX International, we endeavor to deliver innovative, safe, and sustainable solutions that enhance the customer experience and improve people’s lives. INX Venture Capital prioritizes minority equity investments in high-growth technology and materials science startups. We target top-quartile financial returns while seeking to help founders scale and achieve their strategic ambitions. In addition to the investment, INX can facilitate partnerships and M&A transactions with leading startups that share our vision of coloring a safe, and sustainable world.




  • Bio-based and sustainable materials for inks and coatings
  • Technologies that enable circularity and enhance recycling
  • Greenhouse gas emission (GHG) and carbon footprint reduction solutions


direct-to-object printing

Digital Solutions

  • Direct-to-object (“DTO”) printing
  • Novel inkjet technologies and inks


Industrial Automation

  • Manufacturing AI
  • Industry 4.0 & IoT
  • Supply chain optimization


Brand Owner Services

  • Personalization and customization solutions
  • Data analytics for printing and packaging


Novel Materials

  • Functional coatings that improve packaging performance and recyclability
  • Intelligent packaging



Seed, Early and Growth

INX Venture Capital is stage agnostic, with an emphasis on early-stage startups that have demonstrated “product-market fit” and begun to generate revenue. The fund will also pursue select seed and growth stage opportunities.


North America, Europe, and South America

INX Venture Capital will have a global investment mandate, with an emphasis on opportunities in its core markets of North America, Europe, and South America in concert with SAKATA INX’s worldwide innovation efforts.



Bryce Kristo

President & Chief Financial Officer
INX International

Shane Bertsch

Shane Bertsch

Vice President of Strategic Planning & Innovation
INX International

Scott Lenet

Scott Lenet

Touchdown Ventures

Will Geiger

Will Geiger

Touchdown Ventures




Gooten Inc. - technology and fulfillment company servicing established brands that are looking to optimize and supplement their eCommerce business with a print-on-demand manufacturing model.



Debut - unconventional innovation company, setting a new standard for the next generation of beauty. With breakthrough biotechnology, Debut’s team of expert scientists and brand specialists work to develop novel bioactive skincare ingredients and products at unprecedented rates through their scalable creation model.