Screen Printing Inks

screen printing

Through the acquisition of long-established German company RUCO Druckfarben, INX International offers high-performance screen printing inks for a variety of applications and sectors.  RUCO is a leading manufacturer and system provider of highly specialized, industrial inks for screen, flexo, pad and gravure printing, they are nationally and internationally renowned for outstanding performance, innovative products and impressive results.


In addition to meeting aesthetic and commercial requirements, packaging for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products must also protect products against external influences. Minimizing the transition of components from the packaging material to the products is crucially important in this regard. RUCO’s Low Migration UV Curable Screen inks, provided they are used correctly, comply with the migration threshold values for the substances in question and with "Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks".  

RUCO 905UV-LM Low Migration UV Screen Printing Inks for Labels

RUCO 955LED-LM Low Migration UV LED Screen Printing Inks for Plastic Tubes

RUCO 945UV/MA Low Migration UV Screen Printing Inks for Plastic Packaging


Screen printing is highly versatile, creating possibilities that no other process can. RUCO’s innovative ideas and products combined with their knowledge and expertise of the printing process guarantees the industry’s best performing screen printing inks.  

RUCO 10KK Solvent-based Screen Printing Ink for glass decoration, electrical / household appliances, sport, promotional items

RUCO 110GE Solvent-based Screen Printing Ink for glass, ceramic and metal decoration

RUCO 380DD Solvent based Screen Printing Ink for automotive sector