Direct-To-Object Digital Inkjet Printing


INX Digital is leading the technology development and implementation of direct-to-object digital inkjet printing for decoration and packaging applications. Our inks and integration support the highest quality, highest speed direct imaging to pre-shaped packaging and products. Unique specialty inks are available for direct-to-glass, semi-rigid plastics, rigid plastics, wood, metal, and synthetic substrates.

If you need help working with an integrator to customize a solution, we also offer design consultation and digital integration services.


SLUV Digital Inks for Plastic

INX SLUV UV digital inks are optimized for high pigment density and wide color gamut for jetting through piezo DOD printheads at elevated temperatures. They are formulated for use on a wide range of display graphics media including rigid, semi-rigid to flexible substrates. The inks have been developed to have excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including many plastics and boast superior chemical and scratch resistance properties. Adhesion to polyolefin substrates like polyethylene and polypropylene can be achieved after adequate surface treatment.

CPUV Digital Inks for Cylindrical Printing on Metal

INX CPUV UV digital inks emerged from INX’s decades of leadership in the metal decorating market. CPUV formulations have been fine-tuned for both decorative and functional printing onto metals and epoxy coatings found on beverage containers. CPUV offers a superior anti-blocking property that excels industry standards, high throughput from fast curing, and high chemical and scratch resistance. Our integration group and ink R&D team collaborates with many industry partners and OEMs to develop digital printing systems like the INX CP800 UV Digital Cylindrical Printer.