Graphics & Signage Digital Inks

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INX Digital is a leading global manufacturer of digital inkjet inks and coatings for Alternative OEM, Industrial, Specialty and Custom Digital Print Applications. Leading the way with new, advanced inks to match virtually every OEM printer and print head type and an unsurpassed Global Dealer Network offering full technical training and support, our TRIANGLE® brand of digital inks redefines “value added.” Whether you are looking for UV curable, solvent or aqueous inks, bulk ink delivery systems or liquid laminates, TRIANGLE has a money saving solution to meet your needs.

Eco Solvent inks

Our TRIANGLE® eco-solvent digital ink series is available for the most common printers in the market, and provides all the quality and reliability you will need from your equipment to increase productivity and avoid unnecessary, costly downtime.

Mild Solvent inks

Our TRIANGLE® Mild solvent digital inks are cyclohexanone-free, have reduced odor and yet have a solvency package that still allows for the use of vinyl copolymers that give excellent outdoor durability and are scratch and alcohol resistant. These Mild solvent inks have excellent adhesion characteristics to a wide variety of media and generally have a fast dry rate.

True Solvent inks

Our TRIANGLE® True solvent digital inks are formulated as industrial, cost-effective production inks. These inks are vinyl polymer-based with a high-solubility solvent system allowing the ink to penetrate into the substrate creating unparalleled adhesion and durability.

UV Curable inks

Triangle® UV Curable digital inks are leading the alternative-ink display graphics market with unparalleled performances and ease of use. They are available in many configurations spanning through as many specifications to meet your customer, printer and application demand.

Dye-sublimation textile inks

Leveraging our dispersion technologies and formulation capability, TRIANGLE® dye-sublimation digital textile inks are available for printers adopting Epson® print heads and for faster printers adopting Kyocera® KJ4B heads. Our textile inks are in compliance with the latest environmental regulations of the fashion industry, like Oeko-tex, GOTS, ZDHC, etc.

Adhesion Promoters

Our TRIANGLE® ashesion promoter products are formulated to improve adhesion between UV curable ink on plastic substrates ,metal, glass, tile, acrylic and styrene. BondAid I and BondAid II is an optically clear solvent-based adhesion promoter.

Liquid Laminates

TRIANGLE® Liquid Laminates are a series of products from INX Digital designed specifically to protect prints from UV light and other environmental effects. These solvent-based and aqueous-based products protect solvent-based or UV curable prints. TRIANGLE® Liquid Laminates are of the highest quality, giving your prints the best protection.