Single Serve

single serve

INX International offers a complete line of flexographic and gravure inks and coatings including natural-based and energy curable options for single serve container applications. Our high-performance inks and coatings are developed to meet the requirements of the consumer, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) and the food services market.


StarWrap™ Water-based Flexographic Inks

StarWrap inks are economical flexographic inks ideally suited for the absorbent papers typical of bags, store sacks, and sandwich wrappers. They offer an excellent combination of performance and value including good color density and holdout for common stocks at high printing speeds.


A complete line of water-based inks, dispersions, extenders, and additives for flexographic or gravure applications to double side polyethylene coated paperboard substrate for cold beverage cups. This system is developed to meet the requirements of the consumer, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) and the food services markets.

pH Stable Water-Based Flexographic Inks

These premium water-based flexographic printing inks were developed to work with multiple applications on coated and uncoated papers. They exhibit excellent pH stability at a wide range of press speeds, with minimal pH monitoring necessary, and they exhibit little to no viscosity build with loss of pH. Superior strength allows for Anilox rolls up to 1000 L/S to be utilized with these inks. INX pH stable inks are manufactured at an ISO registered production facility to ensure product consistency and quality.


INXhrc® Natural Based Inks

INXhrc natural-based inks are formulated to replace petrochemically derived ingredients with clean, renewable, and sustainable ingredients without sacrificing machine, processing, and end-use product performance. Brand owners and printers benefit from reduced regulatory risk and measurable, reportable CO2 savings.

RotoFlex™ HRC Natural-based Inks

Rotoflex HRC is a solvent based ink system designed for surface printing on paper and PE coated substrates. It is formulated to replace—to the greatest extent possible—petro-chemically derived materials with renewable naturally occurring ingredients without sacrificing machine, processing, and end use product performance.


INXFlex™ UV Flexographic Inks

INXFlex UV Flexographic inks are formulated to provide minimal plate swell on most tag & label, pressure sensitive, shrink and in-mold label applications. Formulated to be benzophenone and ITX free, they are an ultra-low viscosity pourable system that can be printed with aniloxes up to 1800-line screen with 1.0-1.2 BCM. They provide good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates while being V-pyrol free.

INXCure™ UV Rigid Container Inks

A 100 percent reactive UV curable system suitable for printing on rigid plastic, such as dairy containers, cups and most other decorative plastic and Styrofoam packaging, the INXCure system is formulated to offer high strength and superb flow for vibrant colors with excellent color consistency. The inks are also environmentally friendly.


Low Migration Packaging Inks and Coatings

With research and development, product stewardship and quality, all working together, INX provides assurance that our sensitive application packaging inks are of the highest quality and safe for their intended use. Our low migration inks and coatings are designed to meet global food packaging requirements.