Research and Development

Research and development

Finding perfect ink and coating solutions is all a matter of chemistry. And finding the right chemistry is what the INX Research and Development Centers are all about. It’s where breakthrough products are developed through the process of helping customers solve problems and challenges. Recognized as a leading source of advanced technology development, INX International together with Sakata INX has research and development centers located in Asia, North America and Europe. 

Our global, multi-faceted R&D ranges from basic laboratory analyses and developing ink dispersant technology, to ink-and-media matchmaking, jetting testing, system software design, print head technology and more. Staffing it all are hundreds of scientists and technicians who are collaborating with customers, OEMs, and equipment integrators worldwide to expand the world’s largest stable of application-specific inks and coatings. 

We are committed to creating solutions that improve productivity, lower applied costs, create new revenue opportunities, and contribute to a more sustainable future. We can tailor solutions to unique customer needs and bring new ideas and the latest technology to market, including breakthroughs in ink, coatings, and digital printing systems. 

From food packaging compliant inks to inks that that withstand the test of specific packaging and in-line finishing applications. From developing press-stable inks to meet the challenges of newer high-speed presses to inks that improve productivity by reducing press-related waste. From lamination bond strength on new structures to novel ways to meet sustainability and VOC-driven initiatives.

For every manner of packaging, commercial, and digital printing, INX R&D has the ability to innovate new technologies, find answers, and discover the truly amazing with state-of-the-art technology.




Research & Development

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