Functional Inks and Coatings

functional inks

Functional coatings achieve the ability to incorporate changes in the surface and properties of the coating, thereby enabling functionalities, such as antimicrobial protection, gas and moisture permeation resistance, cohesive strength and brand security protection. Considering the importance given to brand protection, extending the shelf-life of products and improving the reusability of packaging material, there is significant interest in new coating materials that enhance the functional capabilities packaging.



Specially formulated VerifyInk security inks are integrated with VerifyMe’s RainbowSecure™ taggant to enable various printing and converting presses to print covert and overt technology. This includes variable VeriPAS Serialization, and track and trace technology. 


INXShield™ Antimicrobial Coatings

INXShield™ is a range of coatings with integrated BioCote® technology for coating preservation that inhibits the growth of odor, staining and material degradation causing microbes on the coating's surface. Once integrated, BioCote® technology has been proven to ensure preservation efficacy and remain active in the treated surface for 25 years.

Ecostage GB-XA Oxygen Barrier Coatings

EcoStage GB-XA oxygen barrier coatings are formulated to address food safety and preservation issues as well as improvements in sustainability and recycling. The high-performance coatings allow for mono-material packaging to replace multi-layer packaging for certain food applications making the package easier to recycle. They offer an alternative to expensive barrier films while extending shelf life and reducing food waste.