Low Migration


"At INX, there is nothing more important than the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, and consumers. That is why INX is committed to progress forever, especially as it relates to packaging inks used for food and pharmaceutical products. All facets of our business, from research and development, product stewardship, and quality work together to ensure that our sensitive application packaging inks are of the highest quality and safe for use as intended when applied."

—John Hrdlick, CEO of INX International Ink Co.


INX International has worked for many years on understanding the factors affecting migration and has developed a complete product portfolio of low migration inks and coatings to support the packaging chain across a range of print processes and applications. We are committed to full compliance with the "EuPIA Guideline on Printing Inks applied to the non-food contact surface of Food Packaging & Articles”.

Our low migration inks and coatings include:

  • Energy curable flexographic and offset inks
  • High-performance sheetfed inks
  • Energy curable coatings
  • Oil-resistant gas barrier coatings
  • Energy Curable Screen Inks
  • Energy Curable Dry Offset Inks

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INX Low Migration Brochure

The latest, most relevant regulations and standards, including FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requirements for the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

  • Migration in packaging
  • Supply chain roles
  • Legal and regulatory Environment
  • Practical recommendations
  • FAQ’s
  • Abbreviations, definitions, and resources

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