Foil Inks


INX International offers a wide range of foil printing inks that are used for surface printed applications for their heat resistance attributes. Our high-performance ink is highly suitable for surface printing aluminum foil and NC based surface printing applications. Widely used for gravure & flexo printing process in pharmaceutical, paper bags, chocolate and food wrapper and laminate pouches (coated polyester only) industries; these inks are suitable for blister foil, normal foil, chromo paper, glassine, metalized paper and CC pet.


Versa™ F&R Solvent-based Flexographic and Gravure Inks

Versa F&R high heat resistant solvent-based ink systems are designed for surface printing. Designed for applications that involve high heat seal temperatures with or without an OPV, they have excellent adhesion to hard-to -adhere-to vacuum metalized films and foils.

Lumier™ Solvent-based Flexographic Ink

Lumier is a high heat resistant ink system for flexographic printing that has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. It has good rub, scuff, and block resistance and exhibits excellent gloss and resolubility at high printing speeds.


Fusion™ UV Hybrid

Unsurpassed in the marketplace, INX Fusion UV Hybrid cure response is equal to 100 percent reactive inks, and exceptional adhesion to synthetic substrates, expanded water window and enhanced transfer over other systems. They run well with, or without, inline UV or aqueous coatings. Fusion may be run on conventional presses using approved roller company rollers. Unlike other inks, Fusion's special vehicle formulation eliminates the need for roller conditioning and special press configurations. Fusion inks qualify for the soy ink seal.

INXFlex™ Contour UV Flexographic Dual Cure Shrink Sleeve Inks

INXFlexTM Contour inks are specifically engineered for tried-and-true adhesion to shrink sleeves with heavy ink coverage and can be cured with either traditional UV or LED technology. These high-performance UV flexographic inks address the key needs determined by shrink sleeve converters maximizing shrink contouring while eliminating post-shrink adhesion loss and ink flaking. This ink system has excellent transfer capabilities and printability at high press speeds and is fast drying. The Dual Cure (DC) version allows you to switch from either UV or LED unit by unit, curing two ways with one ink system for increased efficiencies and lower applied costs.

INXFlex™ UV Flexographic Inks

INXFlex UV Flexographic inks are formulated to provide minimal plate swell on most tag & label, pressure sensitive, shrink and in-mold label applications. Formulated to be benzophenone and ITX free, they are an ultra-low viscosity pourable system that can be printed with aniloxes up to 1800-line screen with 1.0-1.2 BCM. They provide good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates while being V-pyrol free.

GelFlex-EB™ Electron Beam Flexographic Inks

Gelflex•EB inks help brand owners and printers achieve their sustainability goals by reducing or eliminating lamination layers in favor of surface print. They are ultra-high solid, gel-based inks which are fluid enough for CI flexo printing, but thicken rapidly, providing effective high-speed ink trapping in the wet state. With Gelflex•EB you can produce a wide array of eye-catching print designs using multi-colored palettes as well as various tactile packaging surfaces.

INXCure™ EB Web FTP NSO Inks

A unique electron beam curable ink system that has been specifically formulated for indirect food packaging applications. They have been engineered to work well on film-to-paper and film-to-film laminate constructions. Inks qualify for the Soy Ink Seal and are compliant with the Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21, the EuPIA inventory list, the directive 2002/72/EC and subsequent amendments, commission regulations (EC) 1935/2004 and 2023/2006 and the Resolution of Council of Europe on packaging inks AP(2005)2.

INXCure™ LW (Long Wave) OSF inks

Formulated to cure using LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs and the new iron-doped additive lamps being offered by the top press manufacturers. They are 100 percent reactive and have excellent cure response to print at maximum press speeds. The inks cure with as little as one LED UV or low energy lamp, consuming less electricity, while virtually eliminating the heat and odor associated with traditional UV curing. They are suitable for a variety of coated and uncoated paper stocks, coated board stocks, foil stocks, and metallized paper.

INXCure™ UV Letterpress Inks

Designed for superior tag and label printing and formulated to be benzophenone and ITX free with excellent flow and transfer properties, they are suitable for all types of letterpress applications.

INXCure™ UV Plastic Lamination LT (Low Tack) Inks

INXCure UV Plastic Lamination LT (Low Tack) Process Inks are a 100 percent reactive UV system that is suitable for most lamination applications such as credit cards. Formulated to minimize marking and/or scuffing during handling, the inks offer increased lamination pull values and decreased de-lamination properties. They may be applied lithographically or dry offset.


AquaTech™ Water-based Film, Paper, and Foil Flexographic Inks

AquaTech inks present a significant advancement for paper, film, and thermal label printing on anilox rolls up to 1500 line screens. Each water-based system offers strong performance with superior press stability for better printability at a wide range of press speeds. Taking into consideration the brilliant color strength and outstanding transparency and resolution, AquaTech ION is the ideal choice for narrow to mid-web flexo operations for tag and label work.


RotoFlex™ G Solvent-based Flexographic and Gravure Dispersions

These inks are highly pigmented color concentrates suitable to be let down into a full range of inks for diverse applications from surface printing to lamination on a variety of substrates. Available in a wide array of colors including barium-free, fade resistant, heat resistant, product resistant, opaque and transparent, RotoFlex G provides absolute maximum versatility and value in dispenser applications providing the printer with complete control over inventory and process needs. Whether you are printing gravure, flexographic, or both, RotoFlex G is the dispersion of choice.

INXSperse™ Water-based Color Concentrates

INXSperse highly pigmented color concentrates are suitable to be let down into a full range of inks for diverse applications on a variety of substrates. Available in a wide array of colors including barium-free, copper-free, fade resistant, heat resistant, bleed resistant, opaque, and transparent. INXSperse provides absolute maximum versatility and value in dispenser applications providing the printer with complete control over inventory and process needs.


Low Migration Packaging Inks and Coatings

With research and development, product stewardship and quality, all working together, INX provides assurance that our sensitive application packaging inks are of the highest quality and safe for their intended use. Our low migration inks and coatings are designed to meet global food packaging requirements.


INXKote® Water and ProCure™ Energy Curable Coatings

INX inks and coatings are designed to work hand-in-glove with each other right from the start by product development specialists who know printer and package converter operations firsthand. The result is better performance on-press with inks and in- or off-line with coatings.

Our INXKote and ProCure product line includes aqueous, UV, EB and specialty coatings as well as overprint varnishes are all manufactured in our state-of-art Homewood, Illinois and Edwardsville, Kansas facilities.