Specialty, Aqueous and UV Coatings


INX International is one of the only major ink companies to manufacture its own aqueous, UV and specialty coatings as well as overprint varnishes. Our high-performance coatings are formulated to work seamlessly with our printing inks for commercial, packaging, and digital print applications.

Specialty, aqueous, and UV coatings can help you open doors to new markets, take on higher-end jobs and, in short, build your bottom line along with your reputation. They provide extra-special, just-right properties, and performance features that, for example, help packages and publications stand up to the rigors of shipping, handling, and in-store displays. Coatings can also protect from sun, moisture, dust and dirt, chemicals, and more.

Aqueous Coatings

INXKote® Aqueous Coatings

Our INXKote line of water-based coatings is formulated for commercial, folding carton, and label applications. It is designed in collaboration with our ink for both single-sided and work-and-turn applications and provides a durable, rub-resistant finish. These coatings allow for quicker turnaround times and can be used on a wide variety of substrates. INX aqueous coatings are available in several high gloss, satin, and matte finishes.

UV Coatings

ProCure™ Energy Curable Coatings

Our ProCure line of energy curable (UV, LED, HUV, EB) coatings are designed to be fast curing with superior finish, providing quick turnaround times and smooth, defect-free surfaces. The high-performance coatings have excellent flexibility, adhesion properties, depth of gloss, and clarity. They offer a wide variety of properties including high gloss, rub, chemical moisture and fade resistance, low odor, laser safe, foil stampability, and more. UV adhesives and overprint varnishes are also part of the INX offering.

Functional Coatings

INXShield™ Antimicrobial Coatings

INXShield™ is a range of coatings with integrated BioCote® technology for coating preservation that inhibits the growth of odor, staining and material degradation causing microbes on the coating's surface. Once integrated, BioCote® technology has been proven to ensure preservation efficacy and remain active in the treated surface for 25 years.

Ecostage GB-XA Oxygen Barrier Coatings

EcoStage GB-XA oxygen barrier coatings are formulated to address food safety and preservation issues as well as improvements in sustainability and recycling. The high-performance coatings allow for mono-material packaging to replace multi-layer packaging for certain food applications making the package easier to recycle. They offer an alternative to expensive barrier films while extending shelf life and reducing food waste.

Special Effect Coatings

Special Effects Inks and Coatings

Brand-differentiating special effects made possible with INX inks and coatings yield finishing characteristics that appeal to the senses and enhance shelf appeal. Our special effects inks and coatings product line includes options for commercial and packaging applications that are guaranteed to make your product stand out from the rest.