INX's Approach to Sustainability

Sustainable process, product design, and social responsibility

Sustainability Approach

No one organization can protect our planet and achieve game-changing sustainability goals by going at it alone.  We are dedicated to driving increased sustainability throughout our value chain – with our suppliers, our customers, and in the communities and regions in which we live and operate. We proactively seek to work with supplier partners who support our goals to make sure our products conserve resources, minimize environmental impacts, and improve economic returns.


A colorful, safe, and sustainable world created together. We see a sustainable future where responsible manufacturers, suppliers, and customers work harmoniously together to create eco-friendly products that enhance people’s lives.


Lead the industry in delivering innovative, safe, and sustainable solutions that enhance the customer experience. To realize our vision, we will innovate packaging, products, and sensorial experiences that are safe, sustainable, and support the circular economy. We will serve as role models in working collaboratively with customers to drive business growth that benefits our employees, consumers, and the environment.


As consumer demands and regulatory requirements multiply, we are committed to enhancing and growing our leadership position in the industry and addressing the needs of brand owners, customers, and consumers by improving the sustainability of our products and refining the systems that measure the sustainability impacts of our business.

  • We recognize the value of investing in a Circular Economy and have identified specific steps we will take to improve how we manage our resources and eliminate waste through better product and process designs.
  • We created a model, Coloring a Safe and Sustainable Future (CSSF), to improve our sustainability performance while addressing the needs of brand owners, customers, and consumers. We have aligned the CSSF model with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Creating a Safe and Sustainable Future (CSSF).
  • We believe with the right focus and R&D capabilities, we can help our customers innovate and achieve their sustainability goals while delivering greater value to their customers.

Our commitment to coloring a safe and sustainable future guides the way we develop, manufacture, and distribute products, as well as how we work with our customers and suppliers. We focus on three areas of impact as outlined in our CSSF Model: Process Design, Product Design, and Social Responsibility.

  1. Product Design for the Environment

    We are committed to formulating high performance products that have minimal impact on the environment. To assure minimal impact, we strive to use renewable, natural-based raw materials from ethical and sustainably managed sources. Our development efforts focus on material health and safety, product functionality for environmental impact, and consumer safety with a mind for recycle-ready products. We formulate our products to be easily applied by our customers to increase efficiencies that result in using the least amount of product, increasing production uptime and providing high quality results.

  2. Process Design for the Environment

    We are committed to manufacturing, delivering and applying our products using the least amount of resources while reducing the amount of carbon emissions. We manufacturer our products using state-of-the-art production and waste recovery equipment, quality programs and information systems that enable continuous improvement to this commitment. We use logistic software to reduce the number of shipments and their distances to reduce freight. We manufacture products that drive printers’ efficiencies using the minimum amount of resources to be effective.

  3. Social Responsibility for Economic Development

    INX believes that fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential to the sustained growth of the company. Our policy is to carry out CSR activities with an awareness of the social, environmental, and economic impacts, pursing a good balance and interaction among these three aspects. It is our policy to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our employees and their families as well as the communities where we work and society at large. We believe it is essential to create relationships with our customers and surrounding communities to develop and maintain a strong sustainability program that supports a circular economy.

INX International is a company that values it customers, employees, and the environment. We are doing our part to nurture the development of circular systems in the printing and packaging markets.