Cylindrical Printers


While digital printing on flat objects has been a standard industry practice for years, users can now digitally print on an expansive range of cylindrical items.

Among the many cylindrical items that can now be digitally printed are beverage cans, glass and barware; stainless steel and plastic sports bottles; candles and candle holders; industrial tubes; disposable cups; beer and spirit bottles; measuring cups; event-based products (i.e. water bottles for bicycle races); personalised items; and cosmetics. In addition, this method can print on a variety of materials including aluminum, glass, stainless steel, plastic, paraffin wax (candles), silicone and rubber.


cylindrical CP800 printer

The INX CP800 direct-to-object inkjet proofing system enables graphic designers, printing professionals, and industrial businesses to easily and efficiently produce a single digital proof or dozens for promotional purposes or even hundreds for events and marketing tests. It is the most versatile direct-to-object inkjet printing system, designed to print on 2-piece cans, bottles or other cylindrical objects using 4 colours, white ink and spot high-thickness varnish.


Printhead technology From 4 to 8 Xaar 1003 printheads. Capable of printing 7 drop sizes from 6-42pl
Color Channels Up to 8 Color Channels: CMYKOG + White + Varnish
Resolution 1080 x 1440 dpi
Print speed Approximately 4-5 minutes per 12oz can in 8-color proof mode
Media handling 2 piece cans, 3 piece cans, and other cylindrical objects (with custom media mandrel)
Color Management High-performance Windows PC running CMA ColorPortal software
UV Curing System Long life UV LED curing system
Inks UV curable inkjet inks specially formulated for proofing on metal
Variable Design Custom variable data capability; every print can be unique
Media 2-piece coated or uncoated aluminum cans, bottles, and other cylindrical objects
Electrical 200-240 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 30A dedicated service
Physical dimensions Approx. 82”H x 129”W x 34”D; Weight: Approx. 1600lbs
Operating conditions 65° to 85° F (18.3° to 23.9° C)