corrugated printing

INX international offers a wide range of inks, coatings, and overprints for various methods of corrugated printing—from simple brown box needs, to specialized high-end graphics on demanding substrates. Whether your printing project requires simple line work, a few vignettes, or complex color combinations with process work; we have the perfect corrugated ink system.


Star Series of Water-based Flexographic Inks

Brown box to display – pre-print or sheet printing – natural, mottled, bleached, or coated substrates. Coarse screens to fine line process printing; Anilox rolls 165 to 1000, fluorescent or metallic inks. It’s all here with our Star Series of water-based corrugated inks including HyStar SpH, TriStar SpH, StarFlex, INXStar, PearlStar and INXGlo.

pH Stable Water-Based Flexographic Inks

These premium water-based flexographic printing inks were developed to work with multiple applications on coated and uncoated papers. They exhibit excellent pH stability at a wide range of press speeds, with minimal pH monitoring necessary, and they exhibit little to no viscosity build with loss of pH. Superior strength allows for Anilox rolls up to 1000 L/S to be utilized with these inks. INX pH stable inks are manufactured at an ISO registered production facility to ensure product consistency and quality.


INXSperse™ Water-based Color Concentrates

INXSperse highly pigmented color concentrates are suitable to be let down into a full range of inks for diverse applications on a variety of substrates. Available in a wide array of colors including barium-free, copper-free, fade resistant, heat resistant, bleed resistant, opaque, and transparent. INXSperse provides absolute maximum versatility and value in dispenser applications providing the printer with complete control over inventory and process needs.


BSR and BSR-Bio UV Digital Corrugated Inkjet Inks

INX Digital International Co.’s BSR and BSR-Bio UV curable inkjet inks are optimized for use on Barberan Jetmaster single-pass industrial printers for corrugated and plastic printing with numerous end applications. The high-performance inks consist of standard CMYK colors with Orange + Green or Orange + Violet as an option when wider color gamut is required. We also offer an opaque white. These are extremely low odor, and have high durability, excellent rub resistance, and superior flexibility to reduce cracking and chipping during die cutting. BSR-Bio is an advancement of the original formula and contains 20-30% plant-derived materials, allowing brand owners and printers to benefit from reduced regulatory risk and measurable, reportable CO2 savings. Learn more about INX BSR UV digital inks for corrugated printing.

EVOLVE™ MDCG UV High Density Corrugated Inkjet Ink

INX Digital International Co.’s MDCG acrylate-based UV curable products are optimized for printing on corrugated board and paper box. The formulations boast low odor, fast cure, good adhesion, and high rub resistance. They are intended for jetting through piezo DOD printheads at elevated temperatures. They demonstrate low odor, fast cure, good adhesion, high scratch resistance; and the UV clear glossy finish further enhances scratch resistance.


INXKote® Water and ProCure™ Energy Curable Coatings

INX inks and coatings are designed to work hand-in-glove with each other right from the start by product development specialists who know printer and package converter operations firsthand. The result is better performance on-press with inks and in- or off-line with coatings.

Our INXKote and ProCure product line includes aqueous, UV, EB and specialty coatings as well as overprint varnishes are all manufactured in our state-of-art Homewood, Illinois and Edwardsville, Kansas facilities.