Digital Systems Integration


With chemists, engineers and software experts focused on inkjet formulations and digital printing subsystems, INX Digital can provide cost-effective customer-driven solutions. When these resources are combined with our knowledge of traditional printing applications we create a full range of ink jet possibilities including customization and integration of digital capabilities into new or existing printing operations.


Expert advice on any aspect of digital printing

If your company is just venturing into the digital world for the first time, or if it's already there and looking to expand your digital capabilities, INX design consultants are experts in ink chemistry, fluids and electrical systems engineering, software, digital printing subsystems and complete digital printing systems. We meet with you to help you solve problems, reach new goals, and help your company evolve and succeed.


Our team of integration experts in Huntsville, Alabama have the capability of building a printer and most every component in between. This group focuses on pulling through unmet print drive needs of the printer or OEM while introducing them to chemists that will formulate to their specific applications. We can help power all aspects of a digital project including consultation, custom integration and world class testing facilities.

We can help find, create and integrate advanced solutions for:

  • Components and subsystems
  • Print heads
  • Fluid delivery
  • Curing
  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Even Maintenance

Printers and Integration Partners: