Metal Decorating Inks


INX International’s metal decorating product line offers everything brand owners want in metal packaging: eye-catching looks from high strength, abrasion-resistant inks offering excellent adhesion, and superior fabrication properties. INX performance-proven metal decorating inks systems are formulated for a full range of specialized package needs in both conventional and UV technologies.


AP Series Inks 2-Piece Beverage Can Inks

Low cost combined with high performance is crucial for 2-piece operations. Standard AP series inks optimize metal can print production with excellent printability at high speeds and good adhesion. They include Retortable, NoVar, Phosphorescent, Wet Look, Fluorescent, LoVOC options and more.

INX Color Perfection™

INX Color Perfection is a color management program that brings brand owners, designers, and metal decorators a streamlined approach to color management. Using the first ever Metal Color Catalog for the two-piece metal decorating market, together with advanced digital proofing, best-in-class ink, and color management software, users now have proven methods to get accurate, reproducible, and consistent color throughout a global network.

EcoCan™ Safe and Sustainable Beverage Can Ink

EcoCan is the industry’s first and only eco-friendly beverage can ink to receive a Gold Level Material Health Certificate from Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA). It meets the Material Health requirements of the multi-attribute Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard, helping brand owners and metal decorators achieve their sustainability goals and consumers feel confident in their product choices.


TP Series Inks

Formulated PFAS free, performance-proven TP series inks are formulated for a full range of specialized package needs in both conventional and UV technologies.


INXCure® PrintPro & INXCure® UV Plus UV Inks

Optimize metal packaging production with excellent printability at high press speeds and good adhesion with both INXCure PrintPro and INXCure UV Plus UV Inks. They are fast curing with excellent fabrication and printability. INXCure PrintPro UV Inks are compatible with a variety of exterior coatings including cationic UV chemistries. The INXCure PrintPro LED version formulated to cure with LED 395 nm lamps is also available.


INXSpec™ Brand Management

A unique brand management program that duplicates perfect color, delivers consistent results time after time on monobloc containers. The program works in tandem with INX MDO Base System thermoset impact extruded metal decorating inks, achieving brand color consistency with incredibly accurate dispensing solutions (+/- 0.001 lbs. – 0.5 grams) in only four steps. Download the INXSpec brochure for more information or view the INXSpec video.

MDO Thermoset Inks

MDO Base System thermoset impact extruded metal decorating inks offer significant benefits including short dwell times and improved transfer, ink flow and scratch resistance. Available in eight base colors, they also have a wide range of secondary and permanent colors.


Special Effects Inks and Coatings

Brand-differentiating special effects made possible with INX inks and coatings yield finishing characteristics that appeal to the senses and enhance shelf appeal. Our special effects inks and coatings product line includes options for commercial and packaging applications that are guaranteed to make your product stand out from the rest.

AP Fluorescent and Black Light Inks

AP Fluorescent inks for 2-Piece metal decorating glow during the daylight or when exposed to a UV blacklight.

AP NoVar II Gloss and Matte Inks

AP NoVar II Gloss & Matte inks for 2-piece cans and extruded metal create both high gloss and matte contrast effects with 50 percent difference in gloss between them. They require no overprint varnish.

AP Tactile Plus

AP Tactile Plus inks 2-Piece metal decorating cause a special exterior coating to reticulate giving a textured feel.

INXCure TP Ultra Matte Varnish

INXCure TP Ultra Matte Varnish for aerosol cans are applied over a overprint varnish to give products a matte, low gloss appearance.

MDO Black Light White Inks

MDO Black Light inks for extruded metal are thermally cured white inks that fluoresce a greenish yellow color when exposed to a black light.

Functional Metal Decorating Inks

Together with the brand innovation specialist, Chromatic Technologies (CTI), INX also offers functional special effects technologies including, photochromic sunlight inks, high-velocity thermochromic ink, thermo ink for tabs, crowns, and closures, and reveal inks.


EVOLVE™ CPUV High Density Metal Deco Inkjet Ink

INX Digital International Co.’s CPUV acrylate-based UV curable emerged from its decades of leadership in metal can printing technology. CPUV formulations have been fine-tuned for both decorative and functional printing onto metals and epoxy coatings found on beverage containers. CPUV inkjet ink are optimized for use in the INX CP800 UV Digital Cylindrical Printer.