INX 2-Piece Color Catalog

The Only True Color Standard for Metal Decorating

Designing for metal decorating requires true representation of color, and color standards printed on paper just don’t cut it. The INX Color Catalog is the industry’s first true color standard for beverage can design printed directly on metal. Brand owners, designers and metal decorators can select, communicate and approve color efficiently, reducing lead times—getting labels to market quicker. The proprietary INX numbering system includes over 600 removable metal color swatches and access to the same INX colors via the INX Digital Color Library plugin available for Adobe® design programs.

INX Color Catalog system

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Start streamlining your color from concept to can with over 600 color swatches printed on metal for a true representation of color.

INX Color Catalog system

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Get access to the Digital Color Library, as well as support documentation and access to technical support.


Catalog Updates are complimentary to INX Color Catalog Owners. To download the latest catalog update containing 23 new color swatches in their sleeves, request your complimentary update.

What our customers are saying
  • We’re able to select a color outcome that is realistic and accurate when it prints on the can leaving no surprises at press check.

    —Coppola Winery
  • We used the color catalog swatches with Bale Breaker cans on pilot runs through two different vendors. It was great being able to have consistent call outs to both vendors so we had true apples-to-apples comparisons.

    —Blind Tiger
  • Anticipating color alignment and spec. A much more valuable tool vs. paper swatches. Printed colors matched design intent for more efficient press checks.

    —Talking Rain