Designed by You. Colored by INX.
Designed by You. Colored by INX.

Designed by you. Colored by INX.
Can Design Contest

Each year INX International celebrates the best-of-the-best in beverage can design for entrants who used the INX Metal Color Catalog in the design and production of an outstanding beverage can. The contest recognizes and promotes beverage brand creativity and INX Color Perfection with the focus on the graphic design and color management process used to create and produce a stand-out, attention-grabbing beverage can.

Your effort in creating an outstanding brand design deserves recognition, and we are excited to be part of your experience.

We're excited to announce the 2023 Colored by INX Can Design Contest is Shiner Texhex Bruja’s Brew IPA!

Winners of the can contest receive:

  • An engraved trophy with the designed can mounted inside
  • A certificate of award endorsed by INX International Ink Co.
  • A feature in INX Color Perfection magazine
  • Press coverage in industry magazines
  • Fully featured on the INX website
  • Social media posts and mentions
  • Bragging rights and exposure at industry events


Contest Eligibility

The Colored by INX Can Design Contest is open to designers, metal decorators, or brand owners’ who own and use the INX Metal Color Catalog in the design and/or production of a can currently on the market. Entry is not limited to one can! You may enter up to three cans but only one can per brand. 

The Colored by INX Can Design Contest celebrates beverage brand creativity using the INX Color Catalog and the importance of color management in the can design process.

Annual Contest Run Dates

The can contest is open to entries February through May with finalists and winners announced in June. 

How Winners are Chosen

At the end of the Entry Period, all submissions shall be judged by an experienced panel of brand, color, and metal decorating experts representing the metal decorating industry and will determine five finalists. Judging starts once the submission period is over and is based on originality, overall design aesthetics, the best use of color, and the project statement explaining how color was integral to the design solution. The public will also count as a seat on our judging panel via a voting survey published on INX’s social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). Public judging is up to the sole discretion of the voter.

Detailed Contest Entry Information

When the contest is live February through May, you can review the qualifying information, steps to enter, and get suggestions for successfully submiting a competitive entry. A PDF checklist, available on the contest entry page, is a step-by-step guide you may complete prior to entering the contest. Be sure to review the checklist, even if you don't use it. 

General Contest Rules

  • Entries must be for a commercially available product; and must have been designed and on market prior to the year of the contest.
  • The contest is only open to individuals/teams who utilized the INX Color Catalog for color selection during the design phase of their submitted can.
  • The can design proof must contain a minimum of two INX colors from the INX Metal Color Catalog. Your design production file or printer press proof must be provided.
  • Up to three entries per individual or team and only one entry per brand. 
  • The online entry form must be completed prior to our receipt of the five can samples.
  • All online entries must be submitted by the last day of the entry period.
  • Physical can samples must be received at the INX corporate office by the last day of the entry period.

What is the INX Color Catalog?

The INX Metal Color Catalog is part of the INX Color Perfection color management system for selecting, communicating, and approving accurate color; which reduces lead times and gets your cans to market faster.

The proprietary color formulas are printed directly on removable metal swatches, so during color selection you get a true representation of color on metal without the guesswork. It is accompanied by the INX Digital Color Library which gives designers and prepress teams access to the Metal Color Catalog colors for use during the design phase in Adobe programs.

How to use the color catalog in your design.

In addition to the color catalog, the accompanying INX Digital Color Library is a color-matching system of digital swatches for Adobe programs (Apple and Windows systems). The digital library is free with the INX Color Catalog for use in the design process, and/or convert your spot colors to the color book formulas in production. Find out more about the INX Metal Color Catalog 


What Our Contest Participants Are Saying
  • The INX contest is always something we look forward to entering. We challenge ourselves to use our INX catalog whenever possible. We're always struggling at which can to enter each year - wish we could enter them all!

    —Annie Gomes
  • The use of the catalog helps to make customers aware of the tones that can be given with an adequate application of ink, which makes our printing processes efficient.

    —Jesus Mariscal
  • Winning the INX award it’s a little sample of the high printing quality we've been doing in México, it’s the result of the joint efforts of many people during many years, INX supplier included when they offer new tools to work with, like the INX´s Catalog.

    —Oscar Ocampo