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The Color Perfection Magazine, published by INX, is a resource for brand owners, graphic designers, and metal decorators, that examines the connection between color, design, and metal can decorating. The magazine features our proven Color Perfection methods that streamline the design-to-market process which result in accurate, reproducible, and consistent color.

Inside our eighth issue, Vol 4‑2

1Cover: A Sociable Pour

Cannabis drinks are gaining popularity in markets with legal marijuana. From cannabis-infused cocktails to tonics, seltzers, and more, the drinks provide plenty of buzz in attractive metal cans. 

2Market Trends & News

Pepsi’s new look, slim cans for Rum, low-carb Heineken, Eyeris® Printing Technology, AI-generated drink and more

3Teas in Cans are Evolving

The market for tea beverages has recently exploded, moving beyond soft drinks to caffeinated cocktails, mixers and craft mocktails. And it’s all coming to you in a can.

4INX Can Design Contest Winner

Texas-based Shiner Beer and Ball Corp. win fourth annual Colored by INX Can Design Contest with eye-catching graphic design.

5New capabilities in Mexico City

INX de Mexico serves as a strategic hub in a thriving region with has research and development, manufacturing, operations, sales, and distribution departments

6Meet the INXpert Antonio Garza

Antonio Garza focuses on maintaining INX’s leadership in metal decorating, and expanding servicing other sectors of the packaging industry such as UV flexo and digital.



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