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The Color Perfection Magazine, published by INX, is a resource for brand owners, graphic designers, and metal decorators, that examines the connection between color, design, and metal can decorating. The magazine features our proven Color Perfection methods that streamline the design-to-market process which result in accurate, reproducible, and consistent color.

Inside our seventh issue, Vol 4‑1

1Cover Story: Cool Designs Boost Cold Brews

Whether they’re hot, iced, cold-brewed, or nitrogenated, ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees are ‘percolating’ in enticingly decorated metal cans. 

2Market Trends & News

Zero-proof cocktails, U.K. Wine in Cans, Tracking Eye Movements on Store Shelves, New Metal Ink Plant, Aluminum Can Market Growth

3What is Ranch Water?

The latest in ready-to-drink, canned cocktails features tequila and simple, refreshing ingredients that are becoming a Texas staple

4Special Effects Inks Create Shelf Appeal

Special Effects for Metal Decorating provide visual appeal and help brand owners achieve competitive differentiation and increased market share.

5Crowned Market for Craft Brews

There will be a tipping point sometime, but craft brewers remain resilient, continuing to launch new beers in this $26-billion market, which continues to grow.

6Meet the INXpert

When it comes to Chad Butler, VP of Sales, Metal and Rigid Packaging at INX, team-building strengths, consistency, and drive are key.



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