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The Color Perfection Magazine, published by INX, is a resource for brand owners, graphic designers, and metal decorators, that examines the connection between color, design, and metal can decorating. The magazine features our proven Color Perfection methods that streamline the design-to-market process which result in accurate, reproducible, and consistent color.

Inside our fourth issue, Vol 2‑2

1 Cover Story: Top Shelf Mixology in Stylish Cans

Not afraid to ruffle some feathers, brand owners are launching several new breakout beverages with a retro twist, such as highballs, citrusy vodka spritzes, tequila mixes, fizzy gin & tonics and more, bedecked in eye-catching, stay-cold metal cans.

2 Mountain Dew's Flaming Hot Collaboration

Two top-selling PepsiCo brands teamed up, giving the sweet citrus taste of Mountain Dew a spicy edge. This edgy collaboration also resulted in eye-catching cans displaying fiery red, lime, yellow, black, and orange flame graphics.

3 Gordon Ramsay's New Hell's Seltzer

Four Hell’s Kitchen-inspired flavors, including Berry Inferno, Knicker Twist, Mean Green and That’s Forked was launched earlier this year and distribution is expanding.

4 Neon Rainbows Striped Statement

It’s no longer enough to give a package a few details. Expect to see can graphics for beer, wine, liquor and seltzer cans encompassing an entire brand experience, making use of textures, shapes, materials and above-and-beyond imagery.

5 Aluminum Can Sustainability

Sustainability concepts continue to gain traction, and have translated into thinner, down-gauged, lightweighted materials, the increased use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, and other developments that support recycling efforts.

6 Countering Counterfeiting with Security Inks

In the printing and packaging industries, the need exists for more sophisticated supply chain security technology that can provide authentication, serialization and track-and-trace functions to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated product counterfeiters.

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