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The Color Perfection Magazine, published by INX, is a resource for brand owners, graphic designers, and metal decorators, that examines the connection between color, design, and metal can decorating. The magazine features our proven Color Perfection methods that streamline the design-to-market process which result in accurate, reproducible, and consistent color.

Inside our third issue, Vol 2‑1

1 Cover Story: Seltzer and Water Craze in Cans

No question, canned sparkling waters and the new crop of hard seltzers are popular with consumers, thanks in part to their attention-grabbing packaging, infinite recyclability, convenience and tasty flavors.

2 Presidential look at the IMDPA

INX International’s director of Marketing, Renee Schouten, explores her two-year term as the President of the IMDPA, the International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association

3 Package Printing Market to reach $13.45 billion

A report from Polaris Market Research expects the global package printing ink market to reach $13.45 billion by 2026.  Driven by tremendous growth in the packaging industry.

4 INXsights: Color Perfection around the world

INX’s Color Catalog’s for beverage can design have found their way across the globe. We asked users about the tool’s many advantages in achieving accurate, reproducible, and consistent color.

5 Meet the INX Experts: Jonathan Ellaby & Dave Waller

Two INX veterans are both celebrating 45-plus years with INX and will be retiring this year. We say a fond goodbye and best wishes to our valued colleagues, Jonathan Ellaby and Dave Waller.

6 INX University expands languages

INX university, the company’s professional development e-learning platform for 2-piece metal decorators will soon be available in multiple languages.

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