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The Color Perfection Magazine, published by INX, is a resource for brand owners, graphic designers, and metal decorators, that examines the connection between color, design, and metal can decorating. The magazine features our proven Color Perfection methods that streamline the design-to-market process which result in accurate, reproducible, and consistent color.

Inside our International edition Vol 1‑2

1 Cover Story: The Desire of Colour

We view the kaleidoscope of current and future trends in colour and design with trend specialist Laura Perryman and her team at Colour of Saying, design agency.

2 Insights from Peter Lockley

While metal beverage packaging growth remains strong in Europe as it has for years, recent U.S. expansion has become very robust as well. Overall, it’s a positive outlook around the globe.

3 Uncanny Colour and Design Trends

Laura Perryman finds that several emerging global colour schemes are affecting metal beverage packaging, incorporating ecological, industrial, and earth-friendly influences.

4 Canned Wine Comes of Age

It’s the metal can’s time to shine, as the containers are having a moment with wine. The ‘movement’ isn’t slowing down. What’s more, big brands are using metal cans to grow direct-to-consumer sales.

5 Meet the INX Expert: Shaun Thompson

Thriving in the ink industry throughout his career, Shaun Thompson loves just about everything about ink.

6 Canned Water Makes a Charitable Splash

Part of a thoughtful program, festively decorated aluminum cans and bottles feature inks from major program sponsor, INX.

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