Natural-based UV and LED Inks for Rigid Plastic and Foam-Based Containers

INXhrc RC is a high-performance ink system formulated to replace petrochemically derived ingredients with clean, renewable, and sustainable ingredients without sacrificing machine, processing, and end-use product performance. The UV and LED curable inks are Nestle compliant and designed for printing on non-porous rigid plastic such as dairy containers, cups and most other decorative plastic and foam-based packaging.



INXhrc RC containers

Environmental Impact

The natural-based inks contain high biorenewable content and have been formulated without VOC solvents.

INXhrc RC inks were submitted to a third-party laboratory per the criteria set out in ASTM D6866- 20 Method B (AMS) to determine the bio-renewable content of each color.

  • A 17 to 30 percent increase in bio-renewable content compared to standard petroleum based UV inks.
  • The natural, renewable components in the inks are not derived from food crops and are non-allergenic
  • Free of nanomaterials, fluorochemicals, fanal pigments, heavy metals, or PTFE


Performance and Efficiency

INXhrc RC is formulated to offer high strength and superb flow for vibrant colors on all types of dry offset rigid packaging presses.

  • High strength and excellent gloss
  • Excellent flow and transfer
  • Excellent color consistency
  • Superior adhesion and abrasion resistance
  • Single-pigment bases allow for accurate and simplified PMS color matching
  • Suitable for all types of dry offset rigid packaging presses including VanDam, PolyType and Kase


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Brand owners and printers benefit from INXhrc™ natural-based inks.