INX International announces new venture investment with Packaging sustainable coatings leader DetraPel

Schaumburg, IL – September 12, 2023 – INX International Ink Co. has completed an investment in DetraPel, an advanced materials company that manufactures sustainable coatings. This represents the fourth deal closed since the $50M INX Venture Capital investment program was established in 2022.

DetraPel is the parent company of the consumer division ProofPlus, and Impermea Materials, its recently rebranded industrial arm. Impermea Materials is an advanced materials company that provides solutions to drive the next generation of PFAS and plastic-free innovation.

These solutions promise extraordinary performance for ordinary materials through unique molecules. For example, solutions for Paper and Paperboard Packaging offer a variety of substrate technologies such as oil and grease resistance (OGR), moisture vapor transmission (MTVR) barriers, adhesives, release coatings and more. These water-based, plastic alternatives are FDA compliant (A-H), heat sealable, and preserve the flexibility and foldability of the substrate.

"Since our inception a decade ago, we have been developing PFAS-free (100% fluorine-free), water-based chemistries that outperform their fluorinated counterparts," said David Zamarin, founder and CEO of DetraPel. "For brands looking to accelerate the transition to safe solutions and match performance goals, our team at Impermea works directly with manufacturing teams to remove the chemicals and plastics without sacrificing the everyday performance of the products, and creating new efficiencies across their supply chain."

INX plans to leverage its technical expertise and go-to-market capabilities to support the adoption of sustainable barrier coatings by brands and packaging converters. The DetraPel investment focuses on paper and fiber-based packaging and complements Sakata INX’s Ecostage GB-XA oxygen barrier coatings, an offering for films introduced to the market earlier this year.

"Sakata INX develops various functional coating agents, but through this collaboration with DetraPel, we expect market traction will progress more rapidly," stated Katsuya Tanaka, General Manager of International Operations of Corporate Planning at Sakata INX Corp.

"INX’s corporate venture program represents an expansion of Sakata’s innovation toolkit. It furthers our mission of leading the printing inks and coatings industry in delivering safe, sustainable solutions that care for the earth and address societal issues for a better, more colorful future. The forward-thinking strategy and advanced materials offering from Impermea Materials is closely aligned with our goals and ideology, and makes this partnership a good fit."

With the global capabilities of Sakata INX, INX may be able to support manufacturing and go-to-market for DetraPel in international markets where the company does not currently have a presence. In turn, Shane Bertsch, INX Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Innovation, believes DetraPel can complement the INX brand and reputation as a sustainable coatings company by increasing the breadth of INX’s offerings for customers.

"Both INX and Impermea Materials serve the paper and paperboard packaging markets with a commitment to sustainable solutions," he said. "We see DetraPel’s product offering as highly complementary, and we are excited to partner in accelerating sustainable barrier coating solutions to market."


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About DetraPel

DetraPel is a clean-tech advanced materials company that specializes in synthesizing and manufacturing PFAS-free protective coatings. Along with its patented and award-winning PFAS-free chemistries, DetraPel’s technology platform introduces a new way of blending and dispersing immiscible particles into water-based systems. These unique products and processes help remove cancerous PFAS chemicals with non-toxic, sustainable, PFAS-free alternatives that outperform traditional legacy fluorinated chemistries.