Colored by INX Can Design winners celebrate contest title

Schaumburg, IL – August 2, 2023 – A three-prong celebration recently took place when members of Shiner Beer, Ball Corporation and the Bakery Agency received their trophies for winning the fourth annual Colored by INX Can Design Contest. Their design entry for Shiner Texhex Bruja’s Brew IPA was voted to be the best and defeated four challengers.

Ball Corporation

Celebrating their Colored by INX Can Contest victory of Shiner Beer’s Texhex Bruja’s Brew IPA is the Ball Corporation team of, from left to right: Troy Ostendorf, Levi Boss, David Lewis and Chris Carreras.

Voting this year was conducted by an independent panel of judges and the public through INX International’s Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages. All submitted entries required designers to use two colors from the INX Metal Color Catalog for a commercial can design that was produced before January 1, 2023.

Shiner Beer is produced at the historic Spoetzl Brewery that was founded in 1909 and is located in Shiner, Texas, a small community of 2,000 people in the southeast part of the state. Brand director Nick Weiland said soliciting the help of their marketing agency to develop an outstanding can design, coupled with the color experts at Ball Corporation, brought Texhex Bruja’s Brew IPA to life.

Kaleb Sindac

Bakery Agency design lead Kaleb Sindac holds her Colored by INX Can Contest trophy.

"The Shiner Beer and Bakery Agency teams cultivated an artful design which demands color that pops and grabs attention," he remarked. "Together we were able to collaborate with Ball’s Graphics Center of Excellence to help this design become a reality. We decided to use Ball’s Eyeris® technology and INX’s Color Catalog to get the image definition and vibrant colors just right."

Levi Boss, Graphics Center of Excellence director at Ball Corporation, commented on how his team used an innovative process that brought detailed graphics and photographic imagery to life.

"On a crowded shelf, nothing grabs your attention more than the blazing eyes of Shiner Texhex Bruja’s Brew IPA. The colors of the design and the complex graphics, combined with Ball Corporation's exclusive Eyeris High Definition color separation technology, present an outstanding design with standout visual impact," he said. "Being able to quickly view the actual inks on the aluminum substrate on which they will be printed allows for the designer to realize the vision of the artwork."

Renee Schouten, Vice President of Marketing for INX who manages the competition, said details for next year’s contest will be made available on the INX website in January.

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