INX to offer digital printing solutions and advice at CorrExpo

Schaumburg, IL — August 16, 2023 – As demand for corrugated boxes continues to rise, CorrExpo 2023 takes on greater importance for INX International. A number of sustainable ink systems and solutions will be prominent in booth #412, and corrugated expert Jim Wegemer will moderate a digital printing session at the show that will be held August 28-30 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.

What’s new in Digital – Printing or Trend? is the topic Wegemer will lead on August 30 from 10:10 to 10:50 a.m. in room 7. The only digital presentation at the conference, he will be joined by Chris Heusch, who plans to discuss a number of issues impacting the corrugated market. Heusch is the president of ARCH, Inc., a Utah company that works with global converters, equipment manufacturers and material suppliers to enhance the quality, efficiency and productivity of their operations.

"With the worldwide corrugated packaging market expected to increase to $170 billion by 2028, it represents significant market growth with a 4.6% CAGR," said Wegemer. The longtime national accounts director for INX will be retiring at the end of the month after a 50-year career in the printing ink industry.

"Digital ink for corrugated is very affordable," he continued. "The demand for corrugated boxes and displays has risen for all applications, from food and beverage products and consumer durables to electronics and electrical appliances. Pharmaceutical packaging has experienced substantial growth since 2021, mostly attributed to changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers have become more environmentally conscious and are supporting companies that recognize the value of sustainable products through the use of innovation and technology."

Wegemer said one of INX’s most recent ink systems that will be exhibited at CorrExpo is designed to help brand owners and printers meet their sustainability goals. INXhrc RC is a high performance, natural-based ink system with clean, renewable, and sustainable ingredients for printing on corrugated, non-porous, rigid plastic, and most decorative plastic packaging.

One reason why packaging companies have adopted INXhrc RC inks is they contain high levels of bio-renewable content and are formulated without VOC solvents. It results in a decreased  emissions impact with a CO2 footprint that is 20-30% less than standard aqueous inks. The natural components are not derived from food crops, are non-allergenic, and do not include any nanomaterials, fluorochemicals, fanal pigments, heavy metals or PTFE.

INX will also highlight high performance flexographic inks and coatings for high-end graphics display and POP, and digital solutions for single-pass corrugated printing. Featured products will include TriStar SpH, INXStar Process inks, HyStar SpH, and INXSperse™ 23 Plus Dispersions. CorrExpo visitors can also learn about INX’s color management and technical services, including G7 certification, various color databases, and dispensing and color profile options.

For more information, contact your INX representative or visit the website.

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