INXCure CardPro 

UV offset plastic lamination ink system

INXCure CardPro is a UV offset plastic lamination ink system designed for the plastic card market. These high-performance inks address the key needs of plastic card makers including lamination bond strength that results in decreased de-lamination and end use product failure. 

INXCure CardPro
  • Best-in-class lamination bond strength that passes ISO specifications
  • Strong adhesion to a wide range of plastic substrates including PVC, PETG, and PET  
  • Fast curing, consistent colors that meet brand standards 
  • Flexibility to allow for drilling, cutting, and embossing without chipping or cracking the card 
  • Excellent lithography performance on printed cards with minimal tacking and blanket swelling 


With excellent adhesion to common plastics, INXCure CardPro is an easy-to-use ink that provides high-quality output with low run waste. It offers outstanding printability at high press speeds and accepts overprint and embossing operations.



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