Natural-based Ink System for Outdoor Bags

DuraINX HRC natural-based, solvent inks for flexographic bag printing are formulated with special high-performance pigments and components for excellent printability and outdoor performance. The highly durable inks made from clean, renewable ingredients help brand owners and printers achieve their sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprint with measurable and reportable CO2 savings.

DuraINX hrc
  • Enhancements in weatherability properties, such as product longevity, fade resistance, and rub/scuff resistance
  • Excellent non-skid and stacking properties
  • Replaces petrochemicals with clean and renewable ingredients without sacrificing end use performance
  • Up to 40% increase in bio-renewable content compared to standard flexo, solvent-based inks
  • Free of nanomaterials, fluorochemicals, fanal pigments, and heavy metals or PTFE


INX International’s commitment to providing sustainable product solutions can help printers and brand owners achieve sustainability goals and help consumers feel confident in their product choices. By using eco-friendly, natural-based inks you can reduce the carbon footprint of packaging materials, help the environment and contribute to a circular economy.

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