Genesis washable inks

Shrink sleeve ink for label applications

Genesis™ washable ink is a sustainable, solvent-based, shrink ink for both gravure and flexographic printing that is de-inkable from cPET films and floatable with roll-fed OPP labels in the recycling process.

The high-performance ink makes it easier to recycle plastic films used in packaging.


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  • Washable from shrinkable cPET used in label applications
  • Allows polyester label to be recycled with the polyester bottle so that new clear bottles can be made from the circular reuse of recovered material
  • Minimal bleed in caustic wash solution resulting in zero impact on recycled PET discoloration.
  • Capable for use on OPP films used on roll fed labels for floatable applications.

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Genesis GS is a patented technology that meets the stringent APR* critical guidance for recycling of PET bottles with shrink sleeves.

*Association of Plastic Recyclers

The gravure ink system has exceptional film adhesion and printability at high press speeds

  • Excellent caustic bleed resistance
  • Excellent resolubility
  • Printability at high press speeds
  • High blocking resistance
  • Clean printing / good highlights
  • Good doctor blade wiping


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