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Genesis Washable Inks for plastic packaging

INX International’s commitment to providing sustainable product solutions can help printers and brand owners achieve sustainability goals and help consumers feel confident in their product choices. By using eco-friendly, washable inks you can support a circular economy with the circular reuse of recovered packaging materials. INX International offers a wide array of eco-friendly inks for sustainable printing.

How do washable inks support a circular economy?

Washable inks make it easier to recycle plastic films, allowing for the circular reuse of recovered material. Traditionally, during the recycling process, Conventional printed inks bleed during the caustic bath phase, discoloring the wash solution and contaminating the plastic, so it cannot be recycled as a new product. Because washable inks are deinkable from plastic packaging and considering the advanced formulation of pigment particles there is minimal bleed in the caustic wash solution and a reduced impact on recycled PET discoloration. New clear bottles can be made from the circular reuse of recovered material, contributing to a circular economy, boosting the worldwide recycling rate and reducing the volume of plastic bottles in the marine environment.

Genesis Washable Ink Solutions

Genesis™ washable inks for both gravure and flexographic printing are de-inkable from cPET films and floatable with roll-fed OPP labels in the recycling process.

The high-performance ink makes it easier to recycle plastic films used in packaging.


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  • Washable from shrinkable cPET used in label applications
  • Allows polyester label to be recycled with the polyester bottle so that new clear bottles can be made from the circular reuse of recovered material
  • Minimal bleed in caustic wash solution resulting in zero impact on recycled PET discoloration.
  • Capable for use on OPP films used on roll fed labels for floatable applications.

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Genesis GS is a patented technology that meets the stringent APR* critical guidance for recycling of PET bottles with shrink sleeves.

*Association of Plastic Recyclers

Genesis Washable inks have exceptional film adhesion and printability at high press speeds

  • Caustic washable
  • Excellent resolubility
  • Printability at high press speeds
  • High blocking resistance
  • Clean printing / good highlights
  • Good doctor blade wiping


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