INX International partners with Plug and Play to explore new Packaging Innovations and Solutions

Schaumburg, IL – November 2, 2020 – INX International Ink Co. has partnered with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play, the world’s largest startup accelerator and innovation center, to collaborate and explore new opportunities. The decision to become a participating company in the New Materials and Packaging platform is the latest development of INX’s commitment to and support of sustainable practices by fostering and promoting an entrepreneurial mindset.

“This decision to join with Plug and Play is reflective of our desire to seek new solutions to keep us at the forefront of understanding market trends,” stated Shane Bertsch, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Innovation for INX International Ink Co. “Sustainability and a circular economy are definitely relevant to our growth platforms, which is the real focus of our work with Plug and Play. We are working to connect with entrepreneurs to mutually benefit them, us and our customers.”

“We are excited to welcome INX as one of our newest partners to our New Materials & Packaging vertical,” said Michael Olmstead, Chief Revenue Officer at Plug and Play. “They bring a unique perspective to this program, and their dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility strongly aligns with Plug and Play’s commitment to help corporations digitally transform within their industry so they can make positive change and stay ahead of the curve. We look forward to connecting them with the best and brightest startups in the industry so they can continue to make a difference for their customers, consumers and community.”

As Fortune 500 companies strive to cultivate and achieve five and ten year goals in the next decade, INX has raised its sustainability profile in recent months. In August, INX Europe announced its decision to join CEFLEX, the European-based flexible packaging consortium. Last month, new sustainability initiatives included the creation of a Coloring a Safe and Sustainable Future model to help improve INX's sustainability performance.

“The main components of our CSSF model address promote a circular economy, improving resource management, and reducing waste to near zero levels,” remarked Bertsch. “Today’s consumers, especially the younger generations, are driving sustainability changes. We’ve been using the CSSF model as a measuring stick in the development of our new products. The association with Plug And Play will help us attain our sustainability goals going forward.”


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