INX to showcase Performance-Proven Product lineup at MetPack 2023

Schaumburg, IL – April 12, 2023 – It has been six years since the metal decorating industry last came together at MetPack. In a world of change, one thing that hasn’t is INX International’s status as the global leader in metal decorating inks and color management technologies. Many of the major advancements INX has introduced since 2017, including the latest new products, will be exhibited in Stand 3C15 from May 2-6 in Essen, Germany.

Sarah Jacks Alex Folloso

Sarah Jacks and Alex Folloso will provide daily presentations at INX Stand 3C15.

INX will demonstrate a full range of products for 2- and 3-piece cans, monobloc containers, and direct-to-metal digital decoration and brand color management solutions. Daily presentations will be offered about Sustainable Ink Innovations and INX Color Perfection.

“The metal decorating industry has experienced rapid change since 2017. Many of our new developments have taken place in the last three years since the show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Renee Schouten, INX’s Vice President of Marketing, in reference to MetPack’s three-year rotation cycle.

“We continue to ambitiously pursue new projects and developments to stay in front of future trends. Every approach we take, from resource management and sustainability to brand marketability and improved shelf appeal, is done with the brand owners, customers and consumers in mind.”

One of the major innovative contributions that has grown dramatically is INX Color Perfection. The brand and color management program includes the first ever INX Color Catalog, Together with a digitized color library, advanced digital proofing, and color management tools, brand owners are able to get their cans to market quicker with accurate and consistent color anywhere in the world.

"The market penetration of the INX Color Catalog is remarkable,” continued Schouten. “With over 330 catalogs in the marketplace, more than 50% are in the hands of brand owners and they participate in our annual Colored By INX Can Design Contest. It incorporates use of the Color Catalog, and all eligible participants, including designers, metal decorators, and others have until May 31 to enter their designs.

Sarah Jacks, INX Color Perfection Manager, will conduct the daily INX Color Perfection – A Global Update, sessions starting at 10:30 a.m. The demonstrations will explain the worldwide acceptance of the color management program with the most recent updates and brand owner case studies.

Alex Folloso, Director of Metal Decorating Technology, will be the speaker for the Coloring a Safe and Sustainable Future in Metal Decoration presentations at 2:30 p.m. It’s an opportunity for attendees to learn about INX’s sustainable ink innovations specific to the metal decorating market, and how exclusive resources are dedicated to industry research and development.

Formulated with sustainable practices and consumer safety in mind, the EcoCan 2-piece metal ink system has gained recognition in the marketplace since being introduced in 2021. Schouten said the product receiving a Gold Level Material Health Certificate from the Cradle to CradleÔ Innovation Institute is another example of INX’s dedication to the environment and consumer safety..

"Gold certification is awarded only to products that avoid the use of chemicals of concern,” she remarked. “Our R&D division is dedicated to technological innovations and continuously upgrades our product formulations. EcoCan is a great choice for metal decorators since it is formulated with low VOC and BPA-NI for environmentally friendly printing on high-speed aluminum and coated beverage cans."

Schouten explained that as part of the focus on PFASNI, INX has reformulated all UV curable flat sheet metal decorating inks including INXCure PrintPro EU.

Designed for flat sheet metal decorating and formulated with European food regulations in mind, INXCureÒ PrintPro EU inks are free of Per and Polyfluoroalkyl substances. For use on crowns, screw caps, closures, 2-piece DRD cans, welded aerosols and decorative tin applications, the performance-proven inks cure fast for UV or LED, with excellent fabrication and printability.

INX’s specialty inks portfolio will also be on display in Stand 3C15. AP Tactile Plus, NoVar Gloss and Matte inks, as well as thermochromic color changing, fluorescent, black light, and brand protection security inks will showcase how metal packaging can have maximum shelf appeal.

With chemists, engineers, and software experts focused on inkjet formulations and print drive electronics, INX Digital provides customer-driven solutions for direct-to-metal digital decorating. Experts will be available to talk about a wide range of digital inkjet solutions, including UV and LED inkjet and Low Migration formulations and advanced digital proofing. MetPack attendees can sign-up to meet with INX or to attend a daily presentation here.


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