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Review and complete the checklist before submitting the entry form

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Panel Submit the entry form with PDF. Read contest rules.

Step 3

Mail 5 sealed cans to the address provided to arrive before 5/31/2023!

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Colored by INX - Can Contest Schedule 2023 Dates
Finalist Judging
Judging Period
February 14
9 a.m.
June 7
Website &
Social Media

June 12
June 14
Website &
Social Media

June 22
May 31
11:59 p.m.*
June 12
June 16

2023 Can Design Contest!

We are excited to celebrate and promote the best-of-the-best in beverage can design. Your efforts in creating an outstanding brand design deserves a lot of recognition and we at INX are proud to be part of the process. Our unique can design contest will benefit you with global exposure, promotional materials, and tons of PR. Not ready to enter yet? Get details about the Metal Color Catalog and how you can qualify.

Prepare your entry!

A crucial step in the entry process is to download the 2023 contest checklist. Checking off all items will ensure a smooth entry process.

Read the official rules.

Read about any changes to the contest this year. Understand how the contest works in detail. The rules are scannable and another step to a smooth entry and to help your entry be the winner.


How to qualify for the INX Can Contest

  • Find out more about INX Color Perfection color management system
  • AWho can qualify for Colored by INX Can Contest.
  • INX Digital Color Library
  • INX Metal Color Catalog
  • How judging works
  • The benefits of winning the Colored by INX Can Contests

Get more information about how you can qualify.

Sample can with swatches

Making it to the Finals

Tips for a competitive entry

  1. It helps us to know your story. The more we know about your can design and your brand story, the easier it will be for us to gain a greater appreciation when considering the finalists. Please let us know about your design process, the role the color catalog played, why you chose the specific colors, the names of the colors, and any other relevant design journey information you think makes for a great story. 
  2. Consider shelf appeal. It is all about standing out on the shelf.  Be aware of how your can compares to others in the market today.  
  3. Appearance, touch, and feel are important, so package your samples carefully as judges not only consider the design file, but the actual printed can itself.